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High & Low | Gladiator Wedges

Gladiator Wedges: All the posture perfecting benefits of  a high heel without getting stuck in the subway grate.

From Givenchy to Forever 21, here are some options to suit any gal’s bank account.


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Lanceur du Jour | Wendy O. Williams

The fire you’re looking at blazing behind Wendy O. Williams is an exploded school bus.  Yes, that’s right, an exploded school bus. Wendy here blew it up after driving it through the Arizona desert full of dynamite, climbing on the roof as it barreled driverlessly forward and jumping to safety moments before it burst into flame.


Did I mention that all of this was the real deal-done with no stuntmen or safety harnesses?

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Put a Feather in Your Cap

Selima Salaun, the eyewear designer behind Selima Optique, has opened a clandestine hat shop with collaborator and muse, Virginie Promeyrat, in the basement of Bond 07.  Hats by Selima is a made-to-measure atelier that specializes in quirky, vintage inspired head wear with a modern twist. For upwards of $280, you can get a hat measured to your head, choose from a selection of vintage ribbons, feathers and brooches, and take your creation home in a smart box. The atelier also makes cocktail and special occasion hats with prices avaiable upon request.

The spring/summer line features mostly straw hats in rich colors colors inspired by the Carribean island of St. Barth and are available in retail stores, as well as all Selima boutiques, at the end of this month. Inexpensive they are not, but what a fun way to spice up your summer wardrobe with a really great statement piece!


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Walter Baker Spring 2009

Walter was of my favorite collections from Spring 2009 fashion week. Walter is the brainchild of Walter Baker, who left his job in finance to become a women’s wear designer in 1991. Walter clothes are self-contradictory in a way that just works: romantic yet edgy, feminine yet cool, demure yet sexy. Perhaps Baker’s seemingly disparate professions are responsible for these delightful incongruities or maybe he just knows what women want to wear. Whatever inspired these pants from the Spring 2009 collection is OK by me.

Check out some cool looks from the show after the jump. . .
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Lovely Libations | Corpse Reviver #2

I have been furiously shaking, squeezing and stirring away the morning in order to find the perfect cocktail recipie to ring in the weekend.  It may be early, but someone has got to make sure you have a suitable beverage awaiting you after a long week of work.  I guess this is what they call “taking one for the team.”  

I enjoy a well made cocktail.  They taste good, look good and calm the nerves. A beautiful looking cocktail is a sexy and sophisticated accessory for any gal, especially this corpse reviver #2, who’s minty-green color comes from absinthe.



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Just a reminder, most pictures on L.u.M. can be enlarged by clicking on them.  Happy viewing!

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Les Demimondaines

Just visited this sweet vintage store in Williamsburg yesterday.  The name “Fille de Joie” (girls of joy) might mean prostitute but there is nothing tawdry about owner C.C. McGurr’s well-curated selection of clothing, shoes and accessories.

The store, with its whimsical paintings, lamps and bed, looks like your friends bedroom.  You know, the friend with impeccable taste who never puts her clothes away.


photo via papermag

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Lanceur du Jour| Wanda Jackson

Hot Dog! Wanda Jackson, the “Queen of Rockabilly,” will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 4th, 2009.  Jackson is a country and rock and roll icon and all-around bad-ass chick who earned her place as one of the only female artists recording rockabilly music.  She is personally responsible for the lyrics, ” keep your cotton pickin’ fingers out of my curly hair,” and ,”I never kissed a bear.  I never kissed a goon.  But I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room”.


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I am loving the recent trend of affordable designer lines for national retail chains such as Target and H+M.  Why shouldn’t fashion-forward clothing be accessible to all people at a reasonable price, especially in light of the current economic climate?  Just becuase something is cheap dosent mean it has to look cheap.  For instance, check out these super cute  Alice + Olivia for Payless shoes.  The print and color are fantastic: bold, but not tacky.  And for $38, they could be mine…or yours.

Alice + Olivia for Payless

They are also available in white and black patent.


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Anchors Aweigh

Technically, I shouldn’t like  classic images of pin up girls.  Their skirts are always “accidentally” getting caught on something to reveal sexy underthings for a some dude’s amusement.  But damn, those chicks have got some serious style. Especially these sailor ladies from the 40s and 50s.


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