Lanceur du Jour| Wanda Jackson

Hot Dog! Wanda Jackson, the “Queen of Rockabilly,” will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 4th, 2009.  Jackson is a country and rock and roll icon and all-around bad-ass chick who earned her place as one of the only female artists recording rockabilly music.  She is personally responsible for the lyrics, ” keep your cotton pickin’ fingers out of my curly hair,” and ,”I never kissed a bear.  I never kissed a goon.  But I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room”.



Jackson was discovered on an Oklahoma City radio program while she was still in high school.  Her mother designed and created the fringe-covered, bedazzled stage costumes that brought some much needed glamour to the country music scene.  Here is Wanda rocking out to “Mean Mean Man,” with heels and a guitar.

Jackson’s husband, Wendall Goodman, quit his job as an IBM programmer when the two married in 1961 to become her full time manager while other female artist were forfeiting their careers in lieu of raising a family. 

At age 71, Jackson still performs her songs live.


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