Les Demimondaines

Just visited this sweet vintage store in Williamsburg yesterday.  The name “Fille de Joie” (girls of joy) might mean prostitute but there is nothing tawdry about owner C.C. McGurr’s well-curated selection of clothing, shoes and accessories.

The store, with its whimsical paintings, lamps and bed, looks like your friends bedroom.  You know, the friend with impeccable taste who never puts her clothes away.


photo via papermag

It was hard to control myself around the fur stoles, nautical belts, beach hats, red leather skirts and old issues of Playboy, but I managed to limit myself to a few affordable choices before I hit the fitting room.  

I shop in many a vintage store where the employees are a little finicky about trying on the clothes but not so at Fille De Joie.  I was having so much fun that I decided to take home this adorable little romper for a modest $52.


Wunderbloc has a great virtual tour.  Make sure you use the zoom button to check out some of those neat-o vintage pieces.

Fille de Joie is located at 197 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY.


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