Put a Feather in Your Cap

Selima Salaun, the eyewear designer behind Selima Optique, has opened a clandestine hat shop with collaborator and muse, Virginie Promeyrat, in the basement of Bond 07.  Hats by Selima is a made-to-measure atelier that specializes in quirky, vintage inspired head wear with a modern twist. For upwards of $280, you can get a hat measured to your head, choose from a selection of vintage ribbons, feathers and brooches, and take your creation home in a smart box. The atelier also makes cocktail and special occasion hats with prices avaiable upon request.

The spring/summer line features mostly straw hats in rich colors colors inspired by the Carribean island of St. Barth and are available in retail stores, as well as all Selima boutiques, at the end of this month. Inexpensive they are not, but what a fun way to spice up your summer wardrobe with a really great statement piece!



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