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Denim Desires

The girl can’t help it; it was love at first sight…




Oh, Judi Rosen, how how how do you know exactly what I want to wear?  Resisting this adorable romper will be tricky, but I must stay strong, as I recently swore off shopping due to lack of resources in my Wardrobe Development Fund.  C’est la vie, c’est la vie.  Well, at least looking is free….

Check out Bona Drag for more fabulous Judi Rosen pieces.


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Hot Mamas

My advice for the warm weather?  Take a cue from these ladies and keep busy!  Its the only way to distract oneself from the increasingly uncomfortable heat…. 


And remember, it is always  important to look one’s very best, even when (wo)manning the grill.  Always wear the appropriate underthings, lest a plume of charcol smoke threatens your eyes or you have to make a quick getaway…


A few more ideas for a little fun in the sun:

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The Mai Kai

We initially traveled to south Florida to take advantage of an empty condo, gorgeous, sunny weather and the casual atmosphere that is such a change from city living.  But while returning from the beach on US1, we were startled to drive by an incongruous explosion of jungle-like gardens, flaming torches and thatched everything.  


We had accidently stumbled upon the Mai Kai,  a 53 year old Tiki bar and Floridian landmark; a place that elevated our beach-bumming vacation to an unprecedented level of awesome.

Back at the condo, a little internet research taught us that the Mai Kai was built during the height of the Tiki-themed restuarant craze that began in the 1930’s with the iconic Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s and lasted until the mid to late sixties.  The Mai Kai was built in 1956 for 1 million dollars by Bob and Jack Thornton when that area of Ft. Lauderdale was much less developed than today.


Folowing Humuhumu’s excellent advice on Critiki, we promptly made reservations for dinner and the show…

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Ocean Drive

Last week, while in Florida, we paid a visit to South Beach to take in the sites. Our favorite part was the pastel Art Deco boutique hotels lining Ocean Drive. There was a great vibe along the beach, with everyone ready for a good time in the sun sans any drama. The colors were vibrant, the people were friendly, and the cocktails were fruity. It was a great escape from the unpredictable New York weather. Check out more pictures after the jump . . .

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Foraging Flickr | Bakelite Bobbles

Bakelite is the world’s oldest synthetic plastic. It’s also pretty boss draped around your neck or dangling from your ear. Leo Baekeland, the fella that invented it, was named one of TIME’s “100 Most Important People of the 20th Century” for his discovery (mostly for Bakelite’s use as a nonconductive medium in electronics). Flickr has a great group dedicated to all things Bakelite. . . here’s a smattering of jewelry, but be sure to check out the group pool for lots of rotary phones and box cameras and such. 3398779816_650d449d6d_b
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 Shoes

I think the lack of perilous ice and snow on the ground is making me a little shoe crazy.  More so than usual, that is.  I mean, how many pairs of cute shoes does one gal really need?   Answer: At least one, courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs


And possibly a whole lot more . . .
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Foraging Flickr | Flappers

Check out these beauts from the Flickr group Flappers and the Jazz Era.  They make me wanna break out a long strand of pearls, layer on the smoky eyeshadow and toss back some bathtub gin out of a china teacup.  These gals here really are the cat’s pajamas and if you don’t believe me just ask any snugglepup off the boulevard.  Anywho, I have to go see a man about a dog. . .

3416878722_fe5823f74e_o. . . more after the jump.

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Lovely Libations | Pompano

Lance une Mode has escaped to Florida for a few days. In celebration, we’re tossing back a couple sunshiny cocktails. The Pompano (named after nearby Pompano Beach) is basically a grapefruit Martini, smoothed out with some orange bitters. The traditional garnish is usually an orange slice, but we like a lemon twist to complete a citrus trifecta.
. . . full recipe after the jump.
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Bar Carts

Because sometimes a coaster just isn’t enough to hold up your fabulous cocktail creations, we present a smattering of Art Deco bar carts.

Enjoy. . .

via DecoDame

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Make it Yours | Maiden Art Jewelry

The style file blog on recently posted about the newest jewelry line from Italian design duo Maiden Art.  The leather-centric winter collection features two items I particularly like:


The craftsmanship of Maiden Art is tight.  Unfortunatley, so is my bank account.  So I decided to take a stab at making my own  low cost, low maintanence amalgamation of thoese two piece  with some things I had laying around the apartment.

Directions and photos after the jump.

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