Make it Yours | Maiden Art Jewelry

The style file blog on recently posted about the newest jewelry line from Italian design duo Maiden Art.  The leather-centric winter collection features two items I particularly like:


The craftsmanship of Maiden Art is tight.  Unfortunatley, so is my bank account.  So I decided to take a stab at making my own  low cost, low maintanence amalgamation of thoese two piece  with some things I had laying around the apartment.

Directions and photos after the jump.

You will need:

A pair of very sharp scissors or exacto knife

Marking pencil


Chain of your choice

Strong adhesive that works on leather.  (I used some E6000 that I previously bought at a bead store for jewelry making purposes)

Glue applicator (In my case, a toothpick)

Very thin, soft leather.  (I used leftover scraps from a calfskin, but anything thin and pliable will work, including leather substitutes)



1) Using ruler and marking pencil, measure leather into (4) 1/2 inch wide sections of the following lenths: 12.5″, 9.5″, 5.5″, 4.5″.  Cut.

2) Create bottom layer of flower.  Starting at one end of the 12.5″ strip, make a cone shaped loop.


3) Starting at the end of first loop, make another loop.


4) Continue looping until the whole strip is used.  You should have 5 loops in a star shape.


5) Using applicator, apply glue to bottom layer to secure.  Set aside to dry.

6) Create second layer.  Loop the 9.5″ strip into 4 loops.  Glue and set aside.


7) Create 3rd layer.  Using the shortest (4.5″) strip, make 2 loops that are opposite one another. Secure with glue and set aside.


8) Create topmost layer.  Loop remaining strip into 2 loops as in previous step.  You should have a little tail left over.  Loop tail on top of self to create a clean, finished edge.  Glue and set aside.


9) Assemble the layers.  Stack layers with the points of the loops raidiating outward.  Be sure all points are visible.  This may take a little nudging back and forth.  When you are satisfied with the look of the flower, glue into place.


At this point, you can either make a ring or a necklace.  For a ring, make a loop of leather to fit your finger.  Glue to the back of the flower



For a necklace, create a loop of  leather that just fits around your chain.  Secure loop to back of flower and string onto chain.  Use a fastener of your choice to finish the neacklace. (I used a black saftey pin, but any beading or craft store will have an assortment of clasps)


Be sure to let your creation dry 24 hrs before wearing.


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