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Lanceur du Jour | Zoe Mozert

OMFG, Pinup Girls are REAL!!  Well, at least some of them are…


One of the few and most famous female pinup artists of her time, Zoe Mozert used herself as a model for her arousing artwork.  Here she is drawing herself in costume:


Most of pinup artist used models as a reference point, but Mozert eschewed the trend of exaggerating certian assets (use your imagination) and reducing others.  She gave her models a personality, non-generic faces and a sense of real female sexuality.  

Mozert worked for callendar juggernaut, Brown and Bigelow, with the likes of Norman Rockwell, Gil Elvgren and another model/female pinup artist, Joyce Ballantyne. Here she is with fellow artists Rolf Armstrong and Earl Moran:


She also did portraits of Hollywood ingenues for magazine covers as and movie posters.  Some ofher more scintillating work after the jump.

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You’re So 2008. I’m So 1988

People in fashion are always proclaiming that that the eighties are back, but I think the truth is the eighties never really went away.  Today’s style inspiration, Officer Tom Hanson:


It’s hard not to feel like a badass in a sweet sweet cutoff vest.  And it’s the perfect layering piece in warm weather.  Go to a thrift store, find an old jean jacket and hack off the sleeves.  Or, if you are feeling lazy, some slightly more current options:  

Top Shop, Mink Pink, Mike&Chris and Erin Wasson

P.S. Forever 21 has a really great cheap one, but it’s not on their website.

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Sheridan Harvey is a Badass

It’s Memorial Day in the good ol’ U.S. of A.  Let’s celebrate by remembering our homegirls on the homefront! 

Check out this mini-doc from the Library of Congress on the “Rosie the Riveter” story.  It’s a little dry, but in a good way, like a nice Riesling.  Quick warning: this is probably gonna make you put on rouge and peruse the McMaster-Carr catalog, so make sure you clear your schedule.

Surprisingly, overalls + loafers + red socks = totally rad.  Go figure.

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Lovely Libations | Mojito Granita

Mojtio Granita…It just kinda rolls off the tongue (and, hopefully, right down your throat)


This recipie combines two of life’s greatest pleasures, cocktails and desert, into a good lookin’ frozen treat that I suspect would go over well at a Memorial day celebration.

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Safety First

Bodhi handbags are designed to help women obtain enlightenment through the reclaiming of domestic objects such as safety pins and clothespins.  But to us, this safety pin clutch is more Johnny Rotten than Betty Crocker.  It also comes in punk rock black ostrich leather.  


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Verameat Jewelry

Designed and made in NYC, Verameat creates a selection of playful jewelry that we wish we had thought of.  Everything they make is really unique, but on a small enough scale that it doesn’t cry, “Hey!  Look at my funny necklace!”  Quirk + Taste = Wit.  For  example, peep this Thunderball-esque diver, complete with knife and handgun (and we assume: kung-fu grip!)


More of our favorites (including a T-Rex eating fried chicken and a Centaur beekeeper) after the jump. . .

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Chanel Numero Cinq

Along with Groom of the Stool and Pure Collector, you would probably consider marketing fragrance as a pretty crappy job.  Since no one has yet invented a way to transmit smells through television, print or the internet, I’d imagine creating a perfume ad involves a lot of banging your head against a wall. (Except, I guess there are those magazine ads with the little fold-open-and-smell tabs, but those always just kind of smell like magazines and rubbing alcohol and glue.)  

Well, you know what, Chanel sure gives it their best effort with their No. 5 short film series.  The latest is from Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and stars Audrey Tautou.  She’s on the Orient Express to Istanbul!  And there’s a Mysterious Lover!  And a there’s a Colorful Boat!  And a there’s a Leica M8-2 Digital Camera!

Chanel No5

Check out the full film here.

*Also, B-T-Dubs, Audrey Tautou is playing Coco Chanel in the upcoming biopic. (You probably already knew that but we’ve just got to say it: Synergy!)

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It’s The Little Things That Count

The New(ish) Eryn brinie American flagship store is like the calm eye in the center of the Soho shopping storm.  Across the street from the towering, frenetic energy and bright colors that is Topshop and the amidst the general mayhem of Broadway, Eryn brinie is all sleek lines, white interiors and  muted color palettes.  

If H+M and Zara had an ethereal Korean love child, it would be Eryn brinie  (the prices are closer to the  latter)  Although other inexpensive chain store clothing can lack interesting design detail, Eryn brinie clothes have it in spades.  The clothes are on trend, but in an understated way, insuring you can wear them longer than 6 monthes. They also have a practicality factor that belies their modish tendencies.  Take, for example, the romper I bought  last weekend (whoops!!)  


Now, I know what you are thinking- How can a romper  be pracical?  This trend is probably going to be over faster than you can say sequined shrug- But check it out:  



If you don’t live in or around NYC, you can order Eryn Brinie here and here

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Life Archive | Bathing Beauties

Inspiration to trade in those rubber flip flops and terry-cloth short shorts for something a little more fabulous, courtesy of the Life Archive……

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The Pursuit of Fruit

Maybe you’ve heard of the miracle fruit before.  This little berry that was originally discovered in 1725 in West Africa contains a molecule called miraculin that, when eaten before something sour, has the amazing ability to make it taste sweet.  


The New York Times recently did a piece about about “Flavor Tripping” parties where the attendees eat the fruit, then a host of other odd combinations of citrus fruits and condiments.  Miracle fruit is getting quite a bit of press these days, but what you might now know is this is  miracle fruit’s second 15 minutes of fame.  In the 1970s a pill was being developed from the mircle fruit to help foods taste delicious with no caloric consequences when the project was sabotaged via burglary and political strong-arming, most likely by the sugar industry.  This and many other stories are included in Adam Leith Gollner’s revelatory book, The Fruit Hunters.  

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