It’s The Little Things That Count

The New(ish) Eryn brinie American flagship store is like the calm eye in the center of the Soho shopping storm.  Across the street from the towering, frenetic energy and bright colors that is Topshop and the amidst the general mayhem of Broadway, Eryn brinie is all sleek lines, white interiors and  muted color palettes.  

If H+M and Zara had an ethereal Korean love child, it would be Eryn brinie  (the prices are closer to the  latter)  Although other inexpensive chain store clothing can lack interesting design detail, Eryn brinie clothes have it in spades.  The clothes are on trend, but in an understated way, insuring you can wear them longer than 6 monthes. They also have a practicality factor that belies their modish tendencies.  Take, for example, the romper I bought  last weekend (whoops!!)  


Now, I know what you are thinking- How can a romper  be pracical?  This trend is probably going to be over faster than you can say sequined shrug- But check it out:  



If you don’t live in or around NYC, you can order Eryn Brinie here and here


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