Lanceur du Jour | Zoe Mozert

OMFG, Pinup Girls are REAL!!  Well, at least some of them are…


One of the few and most famous female pinup artists of her time, Zoe Mozert used herself as a model for her arousing artwork.  Here she is drawing herself in costume:


Most of pinup artist used models as a reference point, but Mozert eschewed the trend of exaggerating certian assets (use your imagination) and reducing others.  She gave her models a personality, non-generic faces and a sense of real female sexuality.  

Mozert worked for callendar juggernaut, Brown and Bigelow, with the likes of Norman Rockwell, Gil Elvgren and another model/female pinup artist, Joyce Ballantyne. Here she is with fellow artists Rolf Armstrong and Earl Moran:


She also did portraits of Hollywood ingenues for magazine covers as and movie posters.  Some ofher more scintillating work after the jump.



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