Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

We already gave a shout out to Lady Gaga a while back, but her new video is just too wild not to mention.  The fashion flies at you so fast in this one that it’s hard to keep up.  On our first viewing we were able to spot inspiration from the following: Balenciaga, Thierry Mugler, Miles Aldridge, Godard’s Contempt, La Dolce Vita, Mickey Mouse, Britney Spears’ ladybits, Slick Rick, and Thomas Dolby.  If you have any suggestions about where else she’s coming up with this craziness, leave a comment. 

The word on the street is that she doesn’t use a stylist.  Until we see evidence otherwise, we’re gonna have to take her word for it.  (Even if she is picking out all her own looks, we’re still a little skeptical that Lady Gaga is steaming her own clothes and organizing a wardrobe rack.)  Also, we have heard that designers are wary to lend her clothes since she invariably winds up on several “worst dressed” lists while wearing them.  Our argument is that her look is truly avant-garde and by definition she should be criticized by people who make their living by reinforcing the mainstream status quo.  

At the risk of using hyperbole, we’re witnessing the birth of a pop-culture messiah.  Something akin to early Madonna or Michael.  (Along those lines, Lady Gaga’s look probably shouldn’t  be emulated as street fashion.  Remember how some wannabes in the 80s tried to dress like the Bad video complete with one glove and like 4,000 studded belts; some stage looks aren’t meant to crossover the klieg lights.)


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