Gabba Gabba Hey!


At the risk of starting a fight, I’m gonna go ahead and say that punk is dead.  I’m even going to say that it was only truly alive for a few short years in the late 70s and early 80s.  That doesn’t seem to stop a bunch of dirty teenagers from dressing like the Ramones and squatting on St. Mark’s every summer.  It’s come to the point where punk style has become just as timeless as Greta Garbo.  (In fact, if I had a punk band, I think I’d call it Greta Garbage!)

One of my favorite designers for punk rock gear is Tripp NYC.  Their jeans and twill pants have a rock and roll edge and a surprisingly perfect fit.  They come in a mind boggling array of styles and colors.  Bonus, they are inexpensive!  I mean, we’re talking like $50 for denim (Suck it, Gap!)  You can get them at Trash & Vaudeville in NYC or on the web at Karmaloop.  Or, if you’re truly punk, you can steal them.






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