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(Wo)Men in the Cities

The Selby recently did a series of photos of Robert Longo’s studio.  Longo’s been popping up on our radar a lot recently, especially at the great show The Pictures Generation at the Met (note: better check it out fast, it closes on Sunday).


So, I decided to bone up on a little Longo career history and I find out from his website that his studio is on Centre Street in Chinatown.  I pass his studio on my way to work everyday and I didn’t even know it.  This is why I live in New York!

Longo’s most famous works come from his “Men in the Cities” series from 1979.  He photographed his buds (including fellow artist Cindy Sherman) dancing in the contemporary hardcore style on an NYC rooftop.  He then projected the image larger-than-life and created intricate graphite drawings.  You really need to see these in person to get the full effect.  From a style viewpoint, they are a solid argument for dressing in only black and white.

Here’s a gallery of the women depicted in the “Men in the Cities” series, Cindy Sherman is the gal in the white shirt and black pencil skirt.

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Suited to a T


We love dressing our best every day, but sometimes that perfect outfit just doesn’t come together in the morning.  That’s why it’s important to have some go to pieces that you can just throw on and rush out of the apartment.  Alexander Wang is here to help you out with just that.  His new-ish line, T by Alexander Wang, consists of super-duper-soft basics in neutral colors that hold a little more interest than your standard t-shirt or tank.  We’re especially into any of the offerings exhibiting a little asymmetry.  These babies might seem a little pricey at first (average: $80), but put one on and you won’t want to take it off.  Check out his website for stockists.  They have become required stock for most boutiques and department stores in NY right now.

P.S.  We couldn’t resist throwing in Alexander Wang’s newly available Lara Combat Boot.  This lady is a killer with a 4 inch heel.  She’s also a killer on your wallet.  Lara’s gonna set you back about $700.  But totally worth drooling over in a picture, right?

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The Doctor Is In

Back in high school, you could find me sulking around the cafteria rocking approximatley 300 black rubber bracelets, tattered, dirty, paint splattered jeans and a buttload of teen angst.  My footwear of choice?  The original shoe of rebellion, black Dr. Martens.


I was totally aiming for that ass kicking, stage diving I don’t give a s**t punk rock attitude, but ended up looking more like a bratty teenage misfit whose (completely contrived) individualistic appearance was thanks to Connecticut’s lack of social diversity, not personal style.  And while I’ve since sent the ball chain necklaces and oversized hoodies the way of Salvo, Doc Martens are the one relic of my high school years I’ve hung on to (sans irony)

My love affair with Doc Martens was recently reinvigorated vis-a-vis this collaboration with Opening Ceremony, over which I drool whenever I shop there (completely random facts: I wear a size 10 shoe and my birthday is December 30th)


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LIFE Archive | Earl Carroll Nightclub Opening

The LIFE Archive has some great photos shot by Peter Stackpole for the opening of Earl Carroll’s Sunset Boulevard Nightclub and Theater.  This place had a massive stage, patent leather ceilings and was lit by 10,000 neon tubes.


Earl Carroll was kind of like a sleazier version of Florenz Ziegfeld.  He owned several Broadway theaters and put on variety shows with elaborate sets, costumes and rows of chorus girls.  He was also at the center of the period’s vivid rumormill.  Tabloids and scandals are fodder for a lot of internet talk these days, but they just don’t make gossip like they used to.

Carroll’s biggest scandal involved throwing a private party during prohibition where all of the guests drank illegal hooch out of a bathtub occupied by a voluptuous nude woman.  If that’s not enough scandal for you, the party was in honor of Harry Kendall Thaw, a notorious cocksman with a preference for Carroll’s chorus girls who shot Stanford White (another notorious cocksman with a preference for Carroll’s chorus girls) in the face at a party on the roof of Madison Square Garden!

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eBay Finds | Damsel Vintage


Just when you thought eBay was only good for hard to navigate, Web 1.0 style listings for custom made bobblehead wedding cake toppers, along comes a great seller like Damsel Vintage.  They offer a nice range of “always authentic, always on trend” vintage pieces, mostly from the late 70s and 80s.  A lot of their stuff leans towards the over-bedazzled, but the wonderful way they’ve styled the looks makes me think this stuff is totally wearable without crossing what we’re gonna call “the sequin threshold”.


Damsel vintage hits all the right marks for a positive eBay experience: clear, well styled photos on a real model, additional focused detail shots, thorough measurements, low starting bids, and accurate non-hyperbolic descriptions.  In the interest of fairness, there are two downsides: they’re from Austrailia, so you may need to do a little metric to English/American conversion on the sizes and measurements and international shipping can be a little pricey.


Take a look at some of their pieces after the jump.  You’ll see that a lot of their selection is the kind of newly retro stuff that designers like Christophe Decarnin at Balmain have been mining recently.  Also, become a fan on Facebook to see gallery after gallery of Damsel’s previous listings.

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Ladylike Rides | Fiat 500 Jolly

Here’s a new feature for Lance une Mode: Ladylike Rides!  As a couple of New Yorkers, we do not drive much and we definitely never even contemplate owning a car.  But, for most of the planet, driving is a necessary evil or a simple, practical means of conveyance.  There’s no reason your car cannot be an extension of your personal style.

May we present to you our inaugural Ladylike Ride: the Fiat 500 Jolly.  She was manufactured by Ghia in the late 1950s as a beach-side auto for Mediterranean playboys.  This little baby had wicker seats, removed side panels, a “surrey-with-the-fringe-on-top” and came in a bunch of granita-like colors.


The Jolly is perfect for seaside picnics with a red checkered tablecloth, a nice bottle of white wine and a caprese salad.  Jackie O had one when she was married to Aristotle Onassis and so did Grace Kelly.  So, hop on in, tie on a silk kerchief, don’t forget the cat-eye shades and take a spin along the coast!

Gallery after the jump:

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Lanceur du Jour | Grace Jones

Grace Jones: musician/singer/actor/model/style icon.  She is the consummate multimedia pop star.


Her main artistic output has been through music, starting in late 70s disco, evolving to early 80s New Wave and followed by every manner of dance music after.  Grace possesses a contralto voice, the deepest female singing voice, adding to her androgynous persona.

Part of her androgynous appearance was curated by her stylist and lover, Jean-Paul Goude.  She often wears exaggerated, masculine shoulder pads and was infamous for her many variations on the flat-top hairstyle.  This was usually contrasted with impeccable, colorful, cutting edge makeup.  Besides serving as muse to Goude, she was an active part of the 80s downtown New York art scene, working with painters such as Keith Haring and a late-career Andy Warhol (who told her to tone down her look.)

Looking back, her ability to be provocative and truly avant garde within the confines of mainstream pop culture was her most brilliant and visionary idea.  She was not afraid to use her trademark personality in her acting roles.  After being just as tough as Schwarzenegger in Conan the Destroyer, Grace played May Day in A View to a Kill adding her alarming androgyny and aggressive female sexuality to the fiercely heterosexual world of James Bond.  She also manages to be a more memorable villain than a (blonde!) Christopher Walken.

At 61 years old, Grace is still going strong and looking great (you would think she’s about 35.)  Her newest album, Hurricane, is a banger and includes this rad video:

Check out or gallery of amazing Grace Jones looks after the jump…

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I Miss My MTV

They just don’t make ’em like they used to.  Case in point: MTV’s House of Style.  Here’s a show produced by a megacorporation hosted by a supermodel that promoted a multi-billion dollar industry marketed towards teenagers who hated capitalism.  AND IT WAS TOTALLY RAD!

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Perry Ellis (by Marc Jacobs)

pic from the Met's flickr page

pic from the Met's flickr page

Recently, we went to check out The Model as Muse, the latest exhibit at the costume institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Out of the oodles of cool fashion selected from the past 60 years, we were surprised to be struck so hard by the 90s room.  “Smells like Teen Spirit” was pumping through the speakers, a graffiti mural in the style of Stephen Sprouse encircled the room and, on a mock rock concert stage, were mannequins wearing early 90s looks from Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis.

When Marc Jacobs was picked as Perry Ellis’ successor, he was hailed as a wunderkind.  But, it would only be a few short years before his infamous “grunge” collection got him fired from the label.  If you want a good look at said collection, check out the music video for Sonic Youth’s “Sugar Kane” which features Jacobs, the show and a pre-Kids Chloe Sevigny.

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Jean-Paul Gaultier | Fall 2009 Couture

Aaaaannnnddddd here’s another monsieur that knocked our berets off at last week’s Paris couture shows: Jean-Paul Gaultier. Taking inspiration from popular film (a source often mined by the designer), Gaultier showed looks that embodied, and at times, copied movie heroines. You would need to be a Roger Ebert to spot every single celluloid lady that pranced down Gaultier’s catwalk, but that won’t stop you from enjoying the style of these femme fatales.


Watching this show could make a cinephile crazy.  Here are the references we were able to spot: Blade Runner, Metropolis, Girl on a Motorcycle, Pierrot le Fou, The Matrix, Sullivan’s Travels, Pretty Woman, The Road Warrior, Working Girl, Barbarella, The Addams Family, Sunset Boulevard, and The Seven Year Itch.  If you think you can do better, feel free to one-up us in the comments section!

UPDATE! : Be sure to check out video of the show after the jump. . .

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