Entschuldigung, Karl

Not too long ago in this very space, we were part of the internet rumor mill that speculated on the retirement of one Karl Lagerfeld.  Well, today in the The New York Times, Herr Karl himself refutes the rumor in an audio interview with Cathy Horyn.  In fact, when Ms. Horyn asks him when he will retire, Lagerfeld immediately interrupts with a terse “I will die here.”  So, Karl, our sincerest apologies for participating in the gossip.  If you’re ever in Bushwick, drinks are on us.


But that’s not all, Karl’s got the goods to prove why he deserves. . . more like needs to stay at Chanel.  Hot off the tails of his killer resort collection, he pulled out the big (possibly crystal bedazzled) guns for the Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2009 show.  This thing just flippin’ rocked.  Of course, Karl did his whole unique combo of “gothic-lolita-80s-hair-metal-high-society-garden-party”, but he also kept it in sync with Coco Chanel’s original vision of a new uniform for the modern woman and created 65 looks that were both of the moment and exceptionally timeless.

You may feel compelled to argue that a display this lavish (the set included several 30′ tall Chanel No. 5 bottles) is inappropriate in the current economic climate. But then Lagerfeld goes and blames the fact that some of his more fanciful designs may seem irrelevant not because he is out of touch with reality, but because no one is throwing huge fancy dress balls anymore.  What a badass.

After the jump, you’ll find a smattering of our favorite looks from the show.  Do yourself a favor though, go to style.com and check out the whole thing.  Really sit back and enjoy it.  Scope out the detail shots (especially those sick gloves/rings that only cover two knuckles).  Hell, even look at the backstage shots to see how they did some of the hair and makeup. . .  And then, check it out all over again!


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