Lanceur du Jour | Grace Jones

Grace Jones: musician/singer/actor/model/style icon.  She is the consummate multimedia pop star.


Her main artistic output has been through music, starting in late 70s disco, evolving to early 80s New Wave and followed by every manner of dance music after.  Grace possesses a contralto voice, the deepest female singing voice, adding to her androgynous persona.

Part of her androgynous appearance was curated by her stylist and lover, Jean-Paul Goude.  She often wears exaggerated, masculine shoulder pads and was infamous for her many variations on the flat-top hairstyle.  This was usually contrasted with impeccable, colorful, cutting edge makeup.  Besides serving as muse to Goude, she was an active part of the 80s downtown New York art scene, working with painters such as Keith Haring and a late-career Andy Warhol (who told her to tone down her look.)

Looking back, her ability to be provocative and truly avant garde within the confines of mainstream pop culture was her most brilliant and visionary idea.  She was not afraid to use her trademark personality in her acting roles.  After being just as tough as Schwarzenegger in Conan the Destroyer, Grace played May Day in A View to a Kill adding her alarming androgyny and aggressive female sexuality to the fiercely heterosexual world of James Bond.  She also manages to be a more memorable villain than a (blonde!) Christopher Walken.

At 61 years old, Grace is still going strong and looking great (you would think she’s about 35.)  Her newest album, Hurricane, is a banger and includes this rad video:

Check out or gallery of amazing Grace Jones looks after the jump…


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