Ladylike Rides | Fiat 500 Jolly

Here’s a new feature for Lance une Mode: Ladylike Rides!  As a couple of New Yorkers, we do not drive much and we definitely never even contemplate owning a car.  But, for most of the planet, driving is a necessary evil or a simple, practical means of conveyance.  There’s no reason your car cannot be an extension of your personal style.

May we present to you our inaugural Ladylike Ride: the Fiat 500 Jolly.  She was manufactured by Ghia in the late 1950s as a beach-side auto for Mediterranean playboys.  This little baby had wicker seats, removed side panels, a “surrey-with-the-fringe-on-top” and came in a bunch of granita-like colors.


The Jolly is perfect for seaside picnics with a red checkered tablecloth, a nice bottle of white wine and a caprese salad.  Jackie O had one when she was married to Aristotle Onassis and so did Grace Kelly.  So, hop on in, tie on a silk kerchief, don’t forget the cat-eye shades and take a spin along the coast!

Gallery after the jump:

Bonus. Here’s a video of the Fiat 500 Jolly in its natural habitat:


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  1. where can I buy one?

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