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Just when you thought eBay was only good for hard to navigate, Web 1.0 style listings for custom made bobblehead wedding cake toppers, along comes a great seller like Damsel Vintage.  They offer a nice range of “always authentic, always on trend” vintage pieces, mostly from the late 70s and 80s.  A lot of their stuff leans towards the over-bedazzled, but the wonderful way they’ve styled the looks makes me think this stuff is totally wearable without crossing what we’re gonna call “the sequin threshold”.


Damsel vintage hits all the right marks for a positive eBay experience: clear, well styled photos on a real model, additional focused detail shots, thorough measurements, low starting bids, and accurate non-hyperbolic descriptions.  In the interest of fairness, there are two downsides: they’re from Austrailia, so you may need to do a little metric to English/American conversion on the sizes and measurements and international shipping can be a little pricey.


Take a look at some of their pieces after the jump.  You’ll see that a lot of their selection is the kind of newly retro stuff that designers like Christophe Decarnin at Balmain have been mining recently.  Also, become a fan on Facebook to see gallery after gallery of Damsel’s previous listings.


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