The Doctor Is In

Back in high school, you could find me sulking around the cafteria rocking approximatley 300 black rubber bracelets, tattered, dirty, paint splattered jeans and a buttload of teen angst.  My footwear of choice?  The original shoe of rebellion, black Dr. Martens.


I was totally aiming for that ass kicking, stage diving I don’t give a s**t punk rock attitude, but ended up looking more like a bratty teenage misfit whose (completely contrived) individualistic appearance was thanks to Connecticut’s lack of social diversity, not personal style.  And while I’ve since sent the ball chain necklaces and oversized hoodies the way of Salvo, Doc Martens are the one relic of my high school years I’ve hung on to (sans irony)

My love affair with Doc Martens was recently reinvigorated vis-a-vis this collaboration with Opening Ceremony, over which I drool whenever I shop there (completely random facts: I wear a size 10 shoe and my birthday is December 30th)


Dr Martens has really expanded since the days I locked in myself in my bedroom with Anarchy in the UK.  Their newest collection of monochromatic boots would make Kanye swoon.


These boots will not only give your outfit an edge, but they are a completely affordable, comforatble and durable addition to your wardrobe.  Only when worn straight laced, of course.

Some of my favorite boots from the Dr. Marten’s prodigious online catalouge.


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