Suited to a T


We love dressing our best every day, but sometimes that perfect outfit just doesn’t come together in the morning.  That’s why it’s important to have some go to pieces that you can just throw on and rush out of the apartment.  Alexander Wang is here to help you out with just that.  His new-ish line, T by Alexander Wang, consists of super-duper-soft basics in neutral colors that hold a little more interest than your standard t-shirt or tank.  We’re especially into any of the offerings exhibiting a little asymmetry.  These babies might seem a little pricey at first (average: $80), but put one on and you won’t want to take it off.  Check out his website for stockists.  They have become required stock for most boutiques and department stores in NY right now.

P.S.  We couldn’t resist throwing in Alexander Wang’s newly available Lara Combat Boot.  This lady is a killer with a 4 inch heel.  She’s also a killer on your wallet.  Lara’s gonna set you back about $700.  But totally worth drooling over in a picture, right?


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