(Wo)Men in the Cities

The Selby recently did a series of photos of Robert Longo’s studio.  Longo’s been popping up on our radar a lot recently, especially at the great show The Pictures Generation at the Met (note: better check it out fast, it closes on Sunday).


So, I decided to bone up on a little Longo career history and I find out from his website that his studio is on Centre Street in Chinatown.  I pass his studio on my way to work everyday and I didn’t even know it.  This is why I live in New York!

Longo’s most famous works come from his “Men in the Cities” series from 1979.  He photographed his buds (including fellow artist Cindy Sherman) dancing in the contemporary hardcore style on an NYC rooftop.  He then projected the image larger-than-life and created intricate graphite drawings.  You really need to see these in person to get the full effect.  From a style viewpoint, they are a solid argument for dressing in only black and white.

Here’s a gallery of the women depicted in the “Men in the Cities” series, Cindy Sherman is the gal in the white shirt and black pencil skirt.


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