Graffiti can be a weird thing.  It’s one of the few artforms where anyone you talk to has an opinion about it, probably because when you’re putting your art in a public space, everyone’s a critic.  We here at Lance une Mode definitely fall into the camp that calls this stuff “street art”.  When you live in Brooklyn like we do, you need to be able to separate the wheat(pastes) from the chaff, ’cause the landscape is covered in the stuff.

You Go Girl has been putting his tag up for a while now.  Without fail, his pieces brighten our day every time we spot one.  You’ve got to love that positive thinking and supportive message.  You Go Girl is prolific in his output, hitting up numerous cities across the country.  Just check out the Flickr group dedicated to his work.


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  1. severnyproductions

    how is that even possible

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