Hannah Marshall


Minimalism at its finest; that’s the what immediately comes to mind when we look at the work of Hannah Marshall.  But, like a sculpture by Donald Judd, the devil is in the details and Hannah Marshall always puts The Devil in the spare details of her LBDs (Little Black Dresses).  Marshall really, really, really understands how to use black and at only 26 years old, has already become an expert at mixing different textures and weights of fabric to create deceptively complicated dresses without so much as one bead, bauble, contrast stitch or any other sort of adornment.  Her LBDs are totally deserving of the word “fierce”, a word that’s been so run into the ground lately that we try to avoid it like the LBP (Little Black Plague).  In fact, these LBDs are so fierce that if Hannah Marshall had been around in 1985 to clothe those rhythmically challenged models in the “Addicted to Love” video, there would be nothing left of Robert Palmer but hair mouse and some stiletto scars.


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