Before there was The Sartorialist et. al., FRUiTS had street style on lockdown.  The smallish Japanese magazine comes out monthly and tracking it down is half the fun of having it.  What is it about Japanese girls that makes it so they can get away with wearing anything and everything (sometimes all at once)?   We consider ourselves brave and bold dressers. . . but some of the style of the girls that FRUiTS finds crosses over into reckless abandon.  More power to you girls!  In honor of FRUiTS, we’re declaring this Saturday and Sunday, The Weekend of Dressing with Abandon.  (Yes, we’re making declarations now.)  Even if you’re just going to the grocery store, you better be wearing at least a dozen accessories and a kooky hat.

Check out the new blog fuck yeah FRUiTS for some scans from the mag.  You can find copies at Kinokuniya Bookstore or you can subscribe through Amazon.

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