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Despite Our Better Instincts

Tom FOrd

Whoa!  Back away from the lady and drop the scissors.  File under “dudes we do not want to be trapped in a tanning salon with”: Tom Ford.  We are genuinely frightened of this whorange himbo.  We are also genuinely frightened of his fragrance line.  For an idea of why, Google image search “Tom Ford Cologne”.  Just don’t do it at work.

You know who’s not afraid of this guy?  Harvey Weinstein.  Because he just picked up Tom Ford’s directorial debut at the Toronto Film Festival and is burning the midnight oil to get this thing a decent release in time for Oscar nominations.  And you know what?  It could be pretty flippin’ good.  Check out the trailer below.  It’s called A Single Man and it’s like a way gayer Mad Men or a slightly gayer Far From Heaven.

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Rodarte | Spring/Summer 2010

rodarte4There were a few shows from NYC last week that were pretty much universally praised and Rodarte was definitely one of them.  But, Lance une Mode is coming down with a split decision on this one.  While we like it for being a spastic mess of clothes that appear to be in an ever morphing state of decay we do have to admit that all of the pieces are a spastic mess of clothes that appear to be in an ever morphing state of decay.  In other words, it’s kind of a glass half full or half empty situation.  What we do agree on is that these clothes are hard to wear.  You need a sharp attitude and a sharp reason to wear stuff this wild.  So, Gwyneth Paltrow et. al., we better not see you sporting one of these things on some red carpet with a prom queen up do and some nude Loubautin pumps and then getting all bleary eyed when you see yourself on the US Weekly worst dressed list, ’cause Rodarte just wore you to an event instead of the other way around.

All weird unjustified cattiness aside, what we’re trying to say is decide if you like this for yourself; be brave, take a stance of your own.  Tell us what you think in the comments section.

There’s a video of the show over at The Moment.

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Mary Katrantzou | Spring/Summer 2010


Lance une Mode loves color!  Maybe this comes from living in an environment that is mostly shades of concrete grey.  Although we post a lot here about wonderful styles of yesteryear, we can appreciate the cutting edge just as much as the next gal.  But, there’s one big problemo that we have with most  avant garde fashion: it’s almost all black!  (We’re looking your way Everything That is Sold in OAK.*)  Kooky original pieces can be understandably hard to market, so it’s safe to manufacture them in black.  But safe is the opposite of avant garde!

Well, it looks like Mary Katrantzou is aiming her printed textile love arrows right at our blood-red hearts!  She’s doing things with ink jet prints on silk that have never ever been done before.  In our book, that’s as cutting edge as D.B. Sweeney.  After last season’s collection inspired by perfume bottles, Katrantzou’s moved on to blown glass in general.  It would be more accurate to say her inspiration was blowing glass, because her prints have a heat and fluidity to them that is more of a verb than a noun.  This is only her second collection shown on London’s catwalks, but she’s already established a signature and we’re excited to see what she can do in the future.

Check out the full show at

*Sorry, OAK.  We still love you.  You’re still totally rad.

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Word to Your Mom!

We love trying to keep up with the various Fashion Weeks happening this month, but after viewing a couple of shows in a row, L.u.M. tends to get E.T.M. fatigue.  (That’s Emaciated Teenage Model fatigue, ladies.)  Just when we thought we couldn’t look at another knocked-kneed Twilight fan clomp down a runway in clothes we can’t afford, along comes SYKES and knocks us out with these two beauties. . .


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Gone Camping!


See You Next Tuesday!

♥ L.u.M.

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And God Created Woman

Brigitte Bardot’s turning seventy-frigin’-five soon and to commemorate the occasion, the James Hyman Gallery is selling 75 paparazzi shots of the 60s icon.  And by paparazzi, we’re talking La Dolce Vita style… not US Weekly.  Be sure to visit the link above for a sweet gallery of the Bardot action and if you’ve got some extra dough, why not pick one up.  They’re going for as little as $800.  Not too shabby as far as art goes.

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