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And God Created Woman

Brigitte Bardot’s turning seventy-frigin’-five soon and to commemorate the occasion, the James Hyman Gallery is selling 75 paparazzi shots of the 60s icon.  And by paparazzi, we’re talking La Dolce Vita style… not US Weekly.  Be sure to visit the link above for a sweet gallery of the Bardot action and if you’ve got some extra dough, why not pick one up.  They’re going for as little as $800.  Not too shabby as far as art goes.

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WWII Nose Art


We love pin ups!  Vintage pin ups.  From a time when men were men and women could enjoy a chili dog while still looking good in a bathing suit.

During World War II, military pilots brought the craft of nose art into its golden age.  Nose art is any non-sanctioned graffiti placed on the exterior of an aircraft.  Often painted by the pilots themselves, but sometimes by commissioned professional artists,  a lot of nose art featured risque images based on work by the great pin up artists like Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas culled from the pages of Esquire magazine.  Sometimes, when the flying aces copied the work of these masters, they somehow forgot to copy the girls’ tops.  Whoops!

Our fighting boys used the planes as a canvas to escape the rigid uniformity of the military, reminisce about life on the home front and cope with the impending aura of death using gallows humor.  Also, they ogled pretty ladies.  Here’s a look at some sexy pin up nose art we pillaged from the ol’ internet:

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Graffiti can be a weird thing.  It’s one of the few artforms where anyone you talk to has an opinion about it, probably because when you’re putting your art in a public space, everyone’s a critic.  We here at Lance une Mode definitely fall into the camp that calls this stuff “street art”.  When you live in Brooklyn like we do, you need to be able to separate the wheat(pastes) from the chaff, ’cause the landscape is covered in the stuff.

You Go Girl has been putting his tag up for a while now.  Without fail, his pieces brighten our day every time we spot one.  You’ve got to love that positive thinking and supportive message.  You Go Girl is prolific in his output, hitting up numerous cities across the country.  Just check out the Flickr group dedicated to his work.

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(Wo)Men in the Cities

The Selby recently did a series of photos of Robert Longo’s studio.  Longo’s been popping up on our radar a lot recently, especially at the great show The Pictures Generation at the Met (note: better check it out fast, it closes on Sunday).


So, I decided to bone up on a little Longo career history and I find out from his website that his studio is on Centre Street in Chinatown.  I pass his studio on my way to work everyday and I didn’t even know it.  This is why I live in New York!

Longo’s most famous works come from his “Men in the Cities” series from 1979.  He photographed his buds (including fellow artist Cindy Sherman) dancing in the contemporary hardcore style on an NYC rooftop.  He then projected the image larger-than-life and created intricate graphite drawings.  You really need to see these in person to get the full effect.  From a style viewpoint, they are a solid argument for dressing in only black and white.

Here’s a gallery of the women depicted in the “Men in the Cities” series, Cindy Sherman is the gal in the white shirt and black pencil skirt.

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Perry Ellis (by Marc Jacobs)

pic from the Met's flickr page

pic from the Met's flickr page

Recently, we went to check out The Model as Muse, the latest exhibit at the costume institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Out of the oodles of cool fashion selected from the past 60 years, we were surprised to be struck so hard by the 90s room.  “Smells like Teen Spirit” was pumping through the speakers, a graffiti mural in the style of Stephen Sprouse encircled the room and, on a mock rock concert stage, were mannequins wearing early 90s looks from Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis.

When Marc Jacobs was picked as Perry Ellis’ successor, he was hailed as a wunderkind.  But, it would only be a few short years before his infamous “grunge” collection got him fired from the label.  If you want a good look at said collection, check out the music video for Sonic Youth’s “Sugar Kane” which features Jacobs, the show and a pre-Kids Chloe Sevigny.

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A Job Well Done

Dutch design duo Job Smeets and Nynke Tynangel of Studio Job create seemingly functional objects with sarcastic wit and dark undertones.  Their pieces often contain visual and verbal puns that are at once satirical and charming.  They are best known in America for their “Biscuit”  collection, stark white bique porcelain dishes embossed with allegorical icons and images of fantasy, that they designed for Royal Tichelaar Makkum.  



The “Robber Barons” collection makes household objects out of five landmarks of industrial revolution greed and corruption while linking them to contemporary civilization. 



Studio Job has also collaborated within the fashion industry, creating prints and designing for jewelry production brand, chi ha paura…?




You can check out more of Studio Job’s cool stuff online or in person at Moss in NYC or LA.

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Gallery Crawl

It’s getter warmer outside (kind of) which means we can all start partaking in those outdoor activites we gave up on while we were hibernating all winter. One of my favorite things to do on a nice spring day is head over to Chelsea and try my luck with a few art galleries.

Last weekend I went to see, amongst other things,  Tony Oursler’s Cell Phones Diagrams Cigarettes Searches and Scratch Cards at Metro Pictures.  As you enter, you are immediately confronted with a roomful of larger-than-life, animated cigarettes doing a slow burn. 


The rest of the show does not dissapoint.

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