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Sheridan Harvey is a Badass

It’s Memorial Day in the good ol’ U.S. of A.  Let’s celebrate by remembering our homegirls on the homefront! 

Check out this mini-doc from the Library of Congress on the “Rosie the Riveter” story.  It’s a little dry, but in a good way, like a nice Riesling.  Quick warning: this is probably gonna make you put on rouge and peruse the McMaster-Carr catalog, so make sure you clear your schedule.

Surprisingly, overalls + loafers + red socks = totally rad.  Go figure.

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Lipstick Legacy

Ever wanted to know more about the epic battle between cosmetics juggernauts Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden? Well, neither did I until I watched The Powder and the Glory, a PBS documentary about the two women who pretty much created the cosmetics industry as we know it.  It’s an interesting look into the lives of two visionary women who had a profound impact on the ever-changing trends in makeup and beauty.

Helena Rubenstein mixin’ it up:

Watch the trailer here

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Lanceur du Jour | Wendy O. Williams

The fire you’re looking at blazing behind Wendy O. Williams is an exploded school bus.  Yes, that’s right, an exploded school bus. Wendy here blew it up after driving it through the Arizona desert full of dynamite, climbing on the roof as it barreled driverlessly forward and jumping to safety moments before it burst into flame.


Did I mention that all of this was the real deal-done with no stuntmen or safety harnesses?

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