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Rodarte | Spring/Summer 2010

rodarte4There were a few shows from NYC last week that were pretty much universally praised and Rodarte was definitely one of them.  But, Lance une Mode is coming down with a split decision on this one.  While we like it for being a spastic mess of clothes that appear to be in an ever morphing state of decay we do have to admit that all of the pieces are a spastic mess of clothes that appear to be in an ever morphing state of decay.  In other words, it’s kind of a glass half full or half empty situation.  What we do agree on is that these clothes are hard to wear.  You need a sharp attitude and a sharp reason to wear stuff this wild.  So, Gwyneth Paltrow et. al., we better not see you sporting one of these things on some red carpet with a prom queen up do and some nude Loubautin pumps and then getting all bleary eyed when you see yourself on the US Weekly worst dressed list, ’cause Rodarte just wore you to an event instead of the other way around.

All weird unjustified cattiness aside, what we’re trying to say is decide if you like this for yourself; be brave, take a stance of your own.  Tell us what you think in the comments section.

There’s a video of the show over at The Moment.


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Mary Katrantzou | Spring/Summer 2010


Lance une Mode loves color!  Maybe this comes from living in an environment that is mostly shades of concrete grey.  Although we post a lot here about wonderful styles of yesteryear, we can appreciate the cutting edge just as much as the next gal.  But, there’s one big problemo that we have with most  avant garde fashion: it’s almost all black!  (We’re looking your way Everything That is Sold in OAK.*)  Kooky original pieces can be understandably hard to market, so it’s safe to manufacture them in black.  But safe is the opposite of avant garde!

Well, it looks like Mary Katrantzou is aiming her printed textile love arrows right at our blood-red hearts!  She’s doing things with ink jet prints on silk that have never ever been done before.  In our book, that’s as cutting edge as D.B. Sweeney.  After last season’s collection inspired by perfume bottles, Katrantzou’s moved on to blown glass in general.  It would be more accurate to say her inspiration was blowing glass, because her prints have a heat and fluidity to them that is more of a verb than a noun.  This is only her second collection shown on London’s catwalks, but she’s already established a signature and we’re excited to see what she can do in the future.

Check out the full show at

*Sorry, OAK.  We still love you.  You’re still totally rad.

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Word to Your Mom!

We love trying to keep up with the various Fashion Weeks happening this month, but after viewing a couple of shows in a row, L.u.M. tends to get E.T.M. fatigue.  (That’s Emaciated Teenage Model fatigue, ladies.)  Just when we thought we couldn’t look at another knocked-kneed Twilight fan clomp down a runway in clothes we can’t afford, along comes SYKES and knocks us out with these two beauties. . .


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Hannah Marshall


Minimalism at its finest; that’s the what immediately comes to mind when we look at the work of Hannah Marshall.  But, like a sculpture by Donald Judd, the devil is in the details and Hannah Marshall always puts The Devil in the spare details of her LBDs (Little Black Dresses).  Marshall really, really, really understands how to use black and at only 26 years old, has already become an expert at mixing different textures and weights of fabric to create deceptively complicated dresses without so much as one bead, bauble, contrast stitch or any other sort of adornment.  Her LBDs are totally deserving of the word “fierce”, a word that’s been so run into the ground lately that we try to avoid it like the LBP (Little Black Plague).  In fact, these LBDs are so fierce that if Hannah Marshall had been around in 1985 to clothe those rhythmically challenged models in the “Addicted to Love” video, there would be nothing left of Robert Palmer but hair mouse and some stiletto scars.

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Suited to a T


We love dressing our best every day, but sometimes that perfect outfit just doesn’t come together in the morning.  That’s why it’s important to have some go to pieces that you can just throw on and rush out of the apartment.  Alexander Wang is here to help you out with just that.  His new-ish line, T by Alexander Wang, consists of super-duper-soft basics in neutral colors that hold a little more interest than your standard t-shirt or tank.  We’re especially into any of the offerings exhibiting a little asymmetry.  These babies might seem a little pricey at first (average: $80), but put one on and you won’t want to take it off.  Check out his website for stockists.  They have become required stock for most boutiques and department stores in NY right now.

P.S.  We couldn’t resist throwing in Alexander Wang’s newly available Lara Combat Boot.  This lady is a killer with a 4 inch heel.  She’s also a killer on your wallet.  Lara’s gonna set you back about $700.  But totally worth drooling over in a picture, right?

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I Miss My MTV

They just don’t make ’em like they used to.  Case in point: MTV’s House of Style.  Here’s a show produced by a megacorporation hosted by a supermodel that promoted a multi-billion dollar industry marketed towards teenagers who hated capitalism.  AND IT WAS TOTALLY RAD!

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Perry Ellis (by Marc Jacobs)

pic from the Met's flickr page

pic from the Met's flickr page

Recently, we went to check out The Model as Muse, the latest exhibit at the costume institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Out of the oodles of cool fashion selected from the past 60 years, we were surprised to be struck so hard by the 90s room.  “Smells like Teen Spirit” was pumping through the speakers, a graffiti mural in the style of Stephen Sprouse encircled the room and, on a mock rock concert stage, were mannequins wearing early 90s looks from Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis.

When Marc Jacobs was picked as Perry Ellis’ successor, he was hailed as a wunderkind.  But, it would only be a few short years before his infamous “grunge” collection got him fired from the label.  If you want a good look at said collection, check out the music video for Sonic Youth’s “Sugar Kane” which features Jacobs, the show and a pre-Kids Chloe Sevigny.

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