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Molto Bella! Molto Mad Men!


If you saw Mad Men last week (and you should be seeing it every week), you were able to catch a rare glimpse of Don actually making Betty happy.  And all he had to do was take her on a surprise, all expenses paid trip to Rome!  The real surprise for us was finding out that “hitting on your own wife as if you were strangers in a Roman cafe” is a fairly douche-y move that we can get behind.  But, then, Don Draper seems to be a fairly douche-y guy that we can get behind.  Although, who wouldn’t hit on Betty with that coo-coo-it-must-be-Italy-in-1963 complicated up-do!

Here are some  examples of the real deal:

P.S.  This is what Don would sound like if he was Italian.

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Lanceur du Jour | Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has been a style icon of mine since the 6th grade.   Whether she was rocking a vintage dress with a bindi between her eyes or wearing track pants and a fur coat, she always made it work.  Gwen’s style has evolved and become more refined since those early No Doubt days (and so has mine) but she is still the girl doing it her own way. 

Gwen’s hair is what I admire most about her style.  Since the 90s she’s rocked a plethora of gravity-defying, rockabilly inspired coifs that are always a jumping-off point for me when styling my hair.  She always looks stunning, but never like anyone else on the red carpet.  A tribute to the many hairdos of Gwen Stefani…

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Pimps and Pinups

Old school Hollywood glam meets rock and roll cool at Pimps and Pinups, the lower east side’s answer to the pretentious, overpriced coif factories uptown.  The New York Branch of the London based salon has a mission to make its clintele look and feel fabulous minus the self -importance and gigantic bill.


From the all black interior to the dressing room mirror lights to the neon green wall sign, Pimps in Pinups looks like a swanky bar that just happens to do great haircuts.  Where else can you get your hair did while you listen to the New York Dolls, Rockabilly and the Kings of Leon?  And the lighting is seriously good: it makes everyone look like a 1950s moviestar.

The Pimps and Pinups team is talented and friendly.  You’re offered a selection of beer, wine (which comes from September, just across the street) coffee and tea as soon as you come in.  This is especially nice when you have an after work appointment (The Salon is open until 10pm on weeknights!) 

Check out more pics from my last visit to Pimps and Pinups.

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