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Despite Our Better Instincts

Tom FOrd

Whoa!  Back away from the lady and drop the scissors.  File under “dudes we do not want to be trapped in a tanning salon with”: Tom Ford.  We are genuinely frightened of this whorange himbo.  We are also genuinely frightened of his fragrance line.  For an idea of why, Google image search “Tom Ford Cologne”.  Just don’t do it at work.

You know who’s not afraid of this guy?  Harvey Weinstein.  Because he just picked up Tom Ford’s directorial debut at the Toronto Film Festival and is burning the midnight oil to get this thing a decent release in time for Oscar nominations.  And you know what?  It could be pretty flippin’ good.  Check out the trailer below.  It’s called A Single Man and it’s like a way gayer Mad Men or a slightly gayer Far From Heaven.

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The Road Warrior (1981)


Every time fashion week rolls around, designers and commentators alike usually spout out a bunch of influences on the collections.  Certain key inspirations seem to pop up over and over again and it’s almost impossible to include a leather anything in your collection without someone mentioning The Road Warrior.

We have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of these people who reference the film have never actually sat down and watched it in its entirety, which is a shame because it is one of the Greatest of All Time.  Although it is a sequel to Mad Max, you need not see the first movie.  Mad Max is a badass: there, I just caught you up on the whole first film… you are now ready to enjoy The Road Warrior.

Is it sometimes violent?  Yes.  Is it sometimes corny?  Yes.  Is it sometimes homoerotic?  Hell yes! Are any of these reasons not to like the movie?  Oh hell no!  They only make it better.

You’ve got to give credit to Norma Moriceau, who costumed the movie on only a sliver of the film’s scant $4 million budget.  You can check out our gallery below but you really need to watch this whole thing, ’cause it will blow your mind!  (If you have Netflix, it is currently available to watch instantly… so there is no excuse to not be watching this movie RIGHT NOW!)

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The O.G. of Lifetime Movies

Douglas Sirk directed films that modernized melodrama for the suburban housewife in the 1940s and 1950s with a strong burst of creativity at the end of his career.  Now considered a master of mise-en-scene, Sirk’s films were panned by critics at the time of their release for being merely banal exercises in stylishness made for the enjoyment of empty headed female audiences.


After a reevaluation of his work in the 1970s, especially by figures in the French New Wave like Jean-Luc Godard, his films were seen as subtle, subversive commentaries on post-war America.

Sirk’s women had style dripping off their neckerchiefs and into their picnic baskets.  The domestic fantasy world of Sirk is packed to the rafters with symbolic use of silhouette and color in almost every costume.  Be sure to check out some of his more lavish CinemaScope productions, like All That Heaven Allows and Written on the Wind.

Take a look at our Douglas Sirk Gallery of Stars after the jump, featuring Jane Wyman, Lauren Bacall, Dorothy Malone, Lana Turner & Rock Husdon!

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Chanel Numero Cinq

Along with Groom of the Stool and Pure Collector, you would probably consider marketing fragrance as a pretty crappy job.  Since no one has yet invented a way to transmit smells through television, print or the internet, I’d imagine creating a perfume ad involves a lot of banging your head against a wall. (Except, I guess there are those magazine ads with the little fold-open-and-smell tabs, but those always just kind of smell like magazines and rubbing alcohol and glue.)  

Well, you know what, Chanel sure gives it their best effort with their No. 5 short film series.  The latest is from Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and stars Audrey Tautou.  She’s on the Orient Express to Istanbul!  And there’s a Mysterious Lover!  And a there’s a Colorful Boat!  And a there’s a Leica M8-2 Digital Camera!

Chanel No5

Check out the full film here.

*Also, B-T-Dubs, Audrey Tautou is playing Coco Chanel in the upcoming biopic. (You probably already knew that but we’ve just got to say it: Synergy!)

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Teenage Wasteland

Like most everyone we know, our teenage years were full of angst, but we imagine a torpedo bra only exacerbates matters.

More proof after the jump . . . 

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