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Shagreen With Envy


Are you some kind of steampunk, time-warping mad professor with a flair for theatrics?  How about a well-to-do Victorian lady with a taste for exotic Oriental locales and a nasty opium habit?  Need something creepy and elegant all in one? How about shagreen.  Shagreen is leather that used to be made from the back of a wild ass, but is now more often made from stingrays.  STINGRAYS!  What other undersea critter do we turn into leather?  If Ursula from The Little Mermaid had to accessorize, we think she’d reach for some of the following:

balenciaga stingray

Balenciaga stingray and suede heel

Celestina Cuff

Celestina Cuff

OdlR Goya Bag

Oscar de la Renta Goya bag

More shagreen after the jump. . .

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The Doctor Is In

Back in high school, you could find me sulking around the cafteria rocking approximatley 300 black rubber bracelets, tattered, dirty, paint splattered jeans and a buttload of teen angst.  My footwear of choice?  The original shoe of rebellion, black Dr. Martens.


I was totally aiming for that ass kicking, stage diving I don’t give a s**t punk rock attitude, but ended up looking more like a bratty teenage misfit whose (completely contrived) individualistic appearance was thanks to Connecticut’s lack of social diversity, not personal style.  And while I’ve since sent the ball chain necklaces and oversized hoodies the way of Salvo, Doc Martens are the one relic of my high school years I’ve hung on to (sans irony)

My love affair with Doc Martens was recently reinvigorated vis-a-vis this collaboration with Opening Ceremony, over which I drool whenever I shop there (completely random facts: I wear a size 10 shoe and my birthday is December 30th)


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Kathryn Amberleigh

These sexy little stilettos from Kathryn Amberleigh are a distinctly cocquettish and feminie interpretation of the current cage heel craze.


Sometimes the hottest shoes can be (moderately) practical and affordable.  Says designer and company co-founder, Kathryn A. Kim,

When I desgin the shoes I want them to be fun, fresh and exclusive, while at the same time comfortable and wearable.

Kathryn Amberleigh mixes classic hollywood glamour (a favorite of ours at L.u.M.) with a whimsical, pop-art edge.  With prices below $500, what more could a gal ask for?

Check out pic the brand spankin’ new store and current collection on Mott Street (R.I.P. Alice and Olivia)

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 Shoes

I think the lack of perilous ice and snow on the ground is making me a little shoe crazy.  More so than usual, that is.  I mean, how many pairs of cute shoes does one gal really need?   Answer: At least one, courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs


And possibly a whole lot more . . .
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Architectural Heels

In the last few seasons, we’ve noticed a mini-trend of kooky architectural heels.  More than a few designers have propped a lady up with one art object or another.  Here are a few of our favorites (more after the jump):


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High & Low | Gladiator Wedges

Gladiator Wedges: All the posture perfecting benefits of  a high heel without getting stuck in the subway grate.

From Givenchy to Forever 21, here are some options to suit any gal’s bank account.


More after the jump . . .
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I am loving the recent trend of affordable designer lines for national retail chains such as Target and H+M.  Why shouldn’t fashion-forward clothing be accessible to all people at a reasonable price, especially in light of the current economic climate?  Just becuase something is cheap dosent mean it has to look cheap.  For instance, check out these super cute  Alice + Olivia for Payless shoes.  The print and color are fantastic: bold, but not tacky.  And for $38, they could be mine…or yours.

Alice + Olivia for Payless

They are also available in white and black patent.


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