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eBay Finds | Vintage Studio

I’ve always had trouble with shopping on eBay for clothes.  You can’t try on.  You can’t feel the fabric.  You can’t take a whiff of just how musty a vintage piece is.  Take all that, add the stress of trying to outbid someone and it can make you want to shop exclusively at Wal-Mart and Hot Topic.  (Admittedly, all of these cons are also totally what makes eBay fun.)  But, Vintage Studio takes a lot of the guess work out of their auctions.  They have great pictures, great measurements, great information and (most importantly) great pieces. Here’s just a few of the dresses they have up for auction now . . . 




Happy bidding!

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Once upon a time, I lived in Las Vegas. During my brief stint in Sin City,  I came to the conclusion that the culture, heat and lifestyle of Vegas were not for me.  I still, however, crave a Las Vegas I never got to experience.  The Las Vegas that is promised by the now-famous welcome sign:


Probably the most renowned of its kind, The Las Vegas sign is part of the kookily futuristic Googie movement in design and architecture that began in the western United States in the late 1950s.  Googie evolved out of the Space and Atomic Ages during a time when Americans were heavily interested in new sciences and looking toward the future.  The Googie trend elevated even a humble roadside motel or gas station sign to a work of art.  


They just don’t make ’em like that anymore…

A Feast of Googie Signage (from Flickr and google images) after the jump.

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Bar Carts

Because sometimes a coaster just isn’t enough to hold up your fabulous cocktail creations, we present a smattering of Art Deco bar carts.

Enjoy. . .

via DecoDame

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Les Demimondaines

Just visited this sweet vintage store in Williamsburg yesterday.  The name “Fille de Joie” (girls of joy) might mean prostitute but there is nothing tawdry about owner C.C. McGurr’s well-curated selection of clothing, shoes and accessories.

The store, with its whimsical paintings, lamps and bed, looks like your friends bedroom.  You know, the friend with impeccable taste who never puts her clothes away.


photo via papermag

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