The Road Warrior (1981)


Every time fashion week rolls around, designers and commentators alike usually spout out a bunch of influences on the collections.  Certain key inspirations seem to pop up over and over again and it’s almost impossible to include a leather anything in your collection without someone mentioning The Road Warrior.

We have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of these people who reference the film have never actually sat down and watched it in its entirety, which is a shame because it is one of the Greatest of All Time.  Although it is a sequel to Mad Max, you need not see the first movie.  Mad Max is a badass: there, I just caught you up on the whole first film… you are now ready to enjoy The Road Warrior.

Is it sometimes violent?  Yes.  Is it sometimes corny?  Yes.  Is it sometimes homoerotic?  Hell yes! Are any of these reasons not to like the movie?  Oh hell no!  They only make it better.

You’ve got to give credit to Norma Moriceau, who costumed the movie on only a sliver of the film’s scant $4 million budget.  You can check out our gallery below but you really need to watch this whole thing, ’cause it will blow your mind!  (If you have Netflix, it is currently available to watch instantly… so there is no excuse to not be watching this movie RIGHT NOW!)

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Hannah Marshall


Minimalism at its finest; that’s the what immediately comes to mind when we look at the work of Hannah Marshall.  But, like a sculpture by Donald Judd, the devil is in the details and Hannah Marshall always puts The Devil in the spare details of her LBDs (Little Black Dresses).  Marshall really, really, really understands how to use black and at only 26 years old, has already become an expert at mixing different textures and weights of fabric to create deceptively complicated dresses without so much as one bead, bauble, contrast stitch or any other sort of adornment.  Her LBDs are totally deserving of the word “fierce”, a word that’s been so run into the ground lately that we try to avoid it like the LBP (Little Black Plague).  In fact, these LBDs are so fierce that if Hannah Marshall had been around in 1985 to clothe those rhythmically challenged models in the “Addicted to Love” video, there would be nothing left of Robert Palmer but hair mouse and some stiletto scars.

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Links to the Past


Did we mention that Mad Men returns this Sunday?  Did we mention that it’s the best show on TV right now?  Did we mention that we love every second of its fantastic style?  Oh, we did.  Well, sometimes you just can’t get enough of a good thing.  In an effort to get you as amped up as we are for the weekend’s festivities, here’s a bunch of links that should put you in the spirit:

Vanity Fair has an article on the show with photography by Annie Leibovitz.

☛ The graphic designer Dyna Moe illustrates a scene from every episode of Mad Men.

☛ Like Dyna Moe’s style? Wish she would draw a picture of you?  Well, then Mad Men Yourself.

☛ All Plaidout did an interview with costume designer Katherine Jane Bryant.  Part I & Part II.

The New York Times ran an an article on the cocktails of Mad Men.

Esquire tells you everything you need to know about the Old Fashioned, Don Draper’s cocktail of choice.

What Would Don Draper Do?

What Would Joan Holloway Do?

New York magazine catches you up with the previous 2 seasons in 27 easy steps.

Don Draper’s Guide to Picking Up Women

☛ Our favorite scene so far.

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Foraging Flickr | The Lovely 60s Beauty Products


In honor of Mad Men‘s season premiere on Sunday night, here’s a little taste from another great Flickr group: The Lovely 60s Beauty Products.  There are lots of great ads in this group along the lines of Peggy’s Belle Jolie campaign.  Also, don’t miss shots of actual products from the 60s including their original packaging.

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Shagreen With Envy


Are you some kind of steampunk, time-warping mad professor with a flair for theatrics?  How about a well-to-do Victorian lady with a taste for exotic Oriental locales and a nasty opium habit?  Need something creepy and elegant all in one? How about shagreen.  Shagreen is leather that used to be made from the back of a wild ass, but is now more often made from stingrays.  STINGRAYS!  What other undersea critter do we turn into leather?  If Ursula from The Little Mermaid had to accessorize, we think she’d reach for some of the following:

balenciaga stingray

Balenciaga stingray and suede heel

Celestina Cuff

Celestina Cuff

OdlR Goya Bag

Oscar de la Renta Goya bag

More shagreen after the jump. . .

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Graffiti can be a weird thing.  It’s one of the few artforms where anyone you talk to has an opinion about it, probably because when you’re putting your art in a public space, everyone’s a critic.  We here at Lance une Mode definitely fall into the camp that calls this stuff “street art”.  When you live in Brooklyn like we do, you need to be able to separate the wheat(pastes) from the chaff, ’cause the landscape is covered in the stuff.

You Go Girl has been putting his tag up for a while now.  Without fail, his pieces brighten our day every time we spot one.  You’ve got to love that positive thinking and supportive message.  You Go Girl is prolific in his output, hitting up numerous cities across the country.  Just check out the Flickr group dedicated to his work.

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Foraging Flickr | Vintage Kimono

Emiri Miyasaka, Japan’s contestant in the upcoming 2009 Miss Universe pageant, wanted to wear this number on stage:


But, traditionalists in Japan were outraged by her modification of the national dress that reveals her hot pink underwear, so she has decided to wear something more conservative for the pageant.

For the record, we’re all for Miyasaka-san’s stage look.  Flashing your panties at a bunch of grumpy old ladies who want you to be prim and proper is a definite “You Go Girl!” moment.  Hey Japan, last time we checked, you were the culture that sells used panties in vending machines and whose most famous traditional artist painted The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife (possibly NSFW, unless you W at Sterling-Cooper, where this picture hangs on the boss’ wall).  Come on, who are you trying to fool?

Anyway, one thing led to another and we found the truly great Flickr group Vintage Kimono.  Check it out to see just what those grumpy old ladies are trying to preserve.  Some of our faves are below, don’t forget to click the thumbnails to really get an idea of the detail on the kimonos.

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Christina Hendricks in Esquire

Marilyn’s really a Joan, not the other way around.


T minus 10 days until the season 3 premiere of Mad Men!  If you haven’t been watching it, let me be the one millionth person to tell you you should be.  One of our favorite things about the show: Joan Holloway .  Check out the interview with Christina Hendricks in Esquire and don’t miss the photo gallery in all its curvy goodness.  (The interview takes place over a meal and Hendricks actually, gasp, eats.  Also, she knows what guanciale is. . . as if we needed more reasons to love this woman.)

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LIFE Archive | Blowin’ Up


Why are vintage hooded hairdryers so cool?  Maybe it’s because they make everybody look like an astronaut from an Ed Wood movie, even your grandma with cateye glasses.  Anyway, enjoy this gallery from the depths of the LIFE Archive:

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Bon Appétit!

Julie & Julia opens on Friday and many blogs are throwing their two cents in (A movie about a blogger? Go figure.)

Julia Child was the bomb!  Did you know she was in the OSS (the precursor to the CIA) during World War II?  Well, she was and she helped develop a shark repellant!  Michael Pollan wrote a great essay involving Julia and the current state of food television in yesterday’s New York Times Magazine.  If, like us, you’re a little too young to properly remember Julia, check out the video below from “Julia Child & Company”, her late 70s cooking show.  In a word: charming.

Also, here’s Julia Child’s recipe for Cinnamon Toast Flan.

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