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Despite Our Better Instincts

Tom FOrd

Whoa!  Back away from the lady and drop the scissors.  File under “dudes we do not want to be trapped in a tanning salon with”: Tom Ford.  We are genuinely frightened of this whorange himbo.  We are also genuinely frightened of his fragrance line.  For an idea of why, Google image search “Tom Ford Cologne”.  Just don’t do it at work.

You know who’s not afraid of this guy?  Harvey Weinstein.  Because he just picked up Tom Ford’s directorial debut at the Toronto Film Festival and is burning the midnight oil to get this thing a decent release in time for Oscar nominations.  And you know what?  It could be pretty flippin’ good.  Check out the trailer below.  It’s called A Single Man and it’s like a way gayer Mad Men or a slightly gayer Far From Heaven.

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