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Ladylike Rides | Pink Chrysler Imperial (1957 – 1963)

1957 Imperial Crown

During the post-war boom of 1955, General Motors was dominating the luxury auto market with its Cadillac line  and Ford was in close competition with its Lincolns.  In order to compete, Chrysler decided to spin off its Imperial line into a seperate prestige automobile.  (Also, in 1955, none of these guys were receiving a government bail out.)

Nothing says flair like the tail fins on this mid-century marvel.  And look at all that chrome.  And those taillights!  Sick!  Don’t you just want to squeeze into a tight black number with some stilettos and hit the Vegas strip?  You know, wander all over the room and blow on some other guy’s dice.

The 1960s models were built so strongly that they were banned from demolition derbies for being an unfair advantage.  Which is good if you’re not always paying attention to traffic because you’re busy applying your face in the rearview mirror.  (But who would put their make-up on at home when you could do it in this motorized vanity?) The Imperial came in a factory paint finish called Persian Pink. . . but many enterprising hot rodders have been known to amp up the kitsch factor on these babies with much more intense hues of pink.  Check out the gallery below including some shots from original Imperial brochures:

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