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WWII Nose Art


We love pin ups!  Vintage pin ups.  From a time when men were men and women could enjoy a chili dog while still looking good in a bathing suit.

During World War II, military pilots brought the craft of nose art into its golden age.  Nose art is any non-sanctioned graffiti placed on the exterior of an aircraft.  Often painted by the pilots themselves, but sometimes by commissioned professional artists,  a lot of nose art featured risque images based on work by the great pin up artists like Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas culled from the pages of Esquire magazine.  Sometimes, when the flying aces copied the work of these masters, they somehow forgot to copy the girls’ tops.  Whoops!

Our fighting boys used the planes as a canvas to escape the rigid uniformity of the military, reminisce about life on the home front and cope with the impending aura of death using gallows humor.  Also, they ogled pretty ladies.  Here’s a look at some sexy pin up nose art we pillaged from the ol’ internet:

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